• Jewellery Repair

    Sometimes accidents happen and your jewellery get broken. If this happens to you, promptly have your jewelry repaired and fit for wearing once again. We offer not only a wide range of jewellery repair services but also maintenance to ensure that your precious trinkets last a lifetime.

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  • Watch Repair

    Watches are complex, delicate machines, whether they are old-fashioned, elegant traditional watches or digital. Either way, we offer a complete range of watch repair services, ensuring that you will never be without a fully functioning timepiece.

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  • Custom Design

    Wearing unique jewellery is a pride. We will help you to create that pride. You make an appointment with our jewellery designer, bring in your old jewellery or even just a jewellery idea, and we make it happen. Make Your Own Today!

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  • Engraving

    We engrave ID bracelets, medical alert bracelets, trophies, medals, plaques and also inside ring engravings. For items that cannot be engraved we offer a plaque to be engraved that can be attached to the item. We also offer trophies and medals for sports or school events.

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  • Appraisals

    The function of a jewellery appraisal is to provide a detailed assessment of your personal jewellry. We are GIA Certified Professional, an accreditation earned by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and one who has thorough knowledge of the jewelry industry. Contact us for appraisal inquiries today!

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  • Insurance Claim

    Having your jewellery lost? We understand your frustrated situation. Romance Jewellers is very experienced in dealing with insurance claims. There is no charge to prepare an insurance estimate. Come to us and leave the hard work for our insurance claim professional.

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Why Romance Jewellers?
Over 25 years of experience in Goldsmith industry
Have been serving our local customers for over 20 years
Our products are professionally hand-scraped to make them unique
Our services meet 100% customer satisfaction
We are GIA Diamond Certified Professional
We are LOCAL, in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

What Our Customers Say

  • I have been going to Romance Jewellers for many years and have always been pleased with the items purchased. I have purchased a number of gifts for people who are retiring from the finance company I work for and the compliments from the recipient's and the general staff have always been good ones. I have shopped and looked around many jewllery stores in the greater van area and always come back to Romance. The prices and staff are excellent. Thank you.

    Me Y., North Vancouver, BC
  • I have been going to Romance Jewellers for many years. Lin and Victor are friendly, professional and most of all knowledgable about the jewellery they sell. I recommend them to all of my friends.

    Julie S., North Vancouver, BC
  • I thought I would comment re the excellent workmanship we experienced here. My wife had a cameo broach that has been in the family for generations. It had a small crack in it that we were told was unrepairable. The owner here able to repair & restore the broach to its original appearance . We were so pleased with the craftsmanship that I had a piece made for my wife for our 50th, again we were very pleased,

    Ray R., North Vancouver, BC